Extover® is the environmentally friendly, mineral-based fire extinguishing agent for class D and lithium-battery fires



Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent
Fire suppressant for lithium batteries
Filling material for dangerous goods packaging

Extover® fire extinguisher – extinguishing metall and lithium battery fires with glass

Extover® is a new and environmentally friendly extinguishing agent from expanded glass granulate. It can be used for fire extinguishing and preventive fire protection. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed recycled glass and are totally safe. The granulate is 100% mineral and therefore it is not combustible . It does not cause water damage, is reusable and was tested  by the Material Testing Institute (MPA) Dresden. It is special designed for lithium battery fires and other problematic fire loads such as metal fires or combustible liquids.

Extover® is suitable for class D fire loads and has been designed and tested for metal and lithium battery fires.

Extinguishing effects

Extover® is multipurpose and can be used bulk, in mobile units or in class D metall fire extinguishers. The granules cause no damage like water or powder and are totally safe. The primary extinguishing effect is based on suffocation and isolation of the source of fire.

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Extover® expanded glass offers a number of beneficial attributes for fire fighting and preventive fire protection. It is produced using a special process and prevents problems regarding the extinguishing, the protection of assets and the environment.

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Extover® can be used as an extinguishing agent for fire fighting or for preventive fire protection. It is also suitable as non-combustible and sorbent filler material for special packaging of damaged lithium batteries or other hazardous substances.

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Where can I buy Extover®?

As a manufacturer we currently sell Extover® via different external sales channels. Our authorized partners distribute Extover® in various container sizes. You will find the right product size for every application.

Multipurpose fire extinguishing agent, environmentally friendly fire suppressant for lithium batteries and filler material for dangerous goods packaging.

Extover® can be used in multiple ways. Thanks to its special properties it offers more safety in the area of production, transport, storage, operation and recycling. Extover® serves as a cost-effective and safe multipurpose fire extinguishing agent, as a preventive and maintenance-free fire suppressant or as harmless and environmentally friendly packing material. Its effectiveness in fire fighting is based on the combination of various extinguishing effects. The primary extinguishing effect is based on suffocation and isolation of the fire load. Extover® is easy to handle and can be used in mobile units and fire extinguishers. Non-contaminated material can be re-used. The granulate is ideal as a non-combustible filling and sorption material for ADR-compliant hazardous goods packaging, e.g. for damaged lithium batteries or other hazardous substances.


IBR certificate extended until 2020: Extover® fire extinguisher is safe with respect to building biology.

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