Extover® introduces Voltmaster, its new distribution partner in the modelling sector

Voltmaster, located in Memmingen, is one of the leading German modelling specialists. The Extover® fire extinguishing agent is already available in Voltmaster’s online shop.

In the RC modelling branch, the fire of batteries is one of the biggest hazards. Extover® provides the perfect solution in order to effectively extinguish lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries that have caught fire. These can be extinquished quickly, safely and cleanly.

Extover® is applied to the fire, surrounds it and suffocates it. At particularly high temperatures, the expanded glass melts and spreads over the surface of the burning metal. The melt creates an airtight layer that crusts over as it cools and causes the metal fire to extinguish. Re-ignition is effectively prevented.