Extover® is the environmentally friendly, mineral-based fire extinguishing agent for class D and lithium-battery fires



Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent
Fire suppressant for lithium batteries
Filling material for dangerous goods packaging

Extover® for lithium battery fire protection in production, transportation, warehousing, operation and recycling

Powerful lithium batteries are being used more and more. In the automobile sector, lithium batteries are increasingly being used in hybrid and electric vehicles. Then there are countless electronic devices with lithium batteries, such as laptops, smart phones or digital cameras. Their importance is also increasing for use in scooters, lift trucks and the drive systems of motorised bicycles known as e-bikes or pedelecs. Even now there is a variety of lithium battery types differentiated by their composition, electrolyte, performance and size such as lithium-metal, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer.

Yet these small power plants are not without their hazards. The increasing demand for battery cells also results in higher fire protection requirements during production, transportation, storage and the disposal or recycling of lithium batteries. Find out more.