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Extover® expands distribution network

Extover® expands its distribution network for extinguishing granules

Lithium-ion batteries are a source of danger, as they can catch fire under certain circumstances. Wherever lithium-ion batteries are used, we recommend using Extover®. On the one hand, Extover® effectively extinguishes lithium battery fires and metal fires (class D), on the other hand, lithium batteries can be safely stored and transported with Extover®.

Lithium-ion batteries & lithium-polymer batteries as a source of danger during charging, storage and use

The risk of ignition of a Li-ion battery or Li-polymer battery is low when handled properly. There are examples of burning batteries or mobile phones and smartphones exploding during charging, though. The risk increases with an ever increasing battery capacity. If short circuits occur in the lithium ion cells due to external or internal damage and the cells suddenly discharge, as a result, a fire can occur. This fire can spread rapidly due to the extreme temperatures that develop. Batteries also can ignite themselves during the period of recharge or discharge without external influence. Therefore, there is a certain risk storing Li-ions, smartphone & cell phone batteries or even e-bike batteries carelessly in your home. Usually, however, these are defective lithium ion batteries that ignite during charging. While charging batteries, fire may occur if more energy is added by the charger than can be stored (overcharging). Burning lithium batteries are difficult to control just like metal fires and therefore are to be handled under fire protection class D. Only by using a suitable extinguishing agent like Extover® you will be able to control the fire.

RC Model making as a growing market for lithium-ion batteries

In the hobby sector, the model making area represents a growing market, as more and more powerful lithium-ion batteries and Li-po batteries are used as battery packs. Many model owners of remote-controlled and battery-powered vehicles or aircrafts have already had to make experience with burning or exploding lithium-ion batteries. Extover® is expanding its sales network to fully meet the growing demand for a suitable extinguishing agent and storage or transportation material for lithium batteries in the RC model making sector.

The Extover® Dealer Network

As a manufacturer, we distribute Extover® through our sales partners, which we list on our website. The contact details of all authorized companies for online sales can be found there. Customers can purchase Extover® in various container sizes and suitable accessories, respectively. The specialist dealers also offer further information on the products and the specific fields of application.

Extover® supports new sales partners in online sales

If you would like to distribute Extover® in your shop, either locally or online via your own website, please contact our sales department via our contact form.

Tip: We are glad to support you building up your online sales and marketing to attract new customers. Our sales team will contact you immediately after your inquiry.