Extover® in RC model making

Advantages and applications of Extover® in RC model making

In the last issue of the renowned technical journal Modellflug International (MFI) the Extover® fire extinguishing granulate for fighting metal and lithium battery fires was described in a detailed article.

The author of the article describes in detail the advantages and applications of Extover® in RC model making. He focusses in particular on preventive fire protection. The lithium batteries used in model making require special precautions during storage and transport due to their possible inflammability. Special metal boxes filled with Extover® currently provide the best possible protection.

But Extover® also extinguishes metal and battery fires effectively and quickly. The mode of action of Extover® during the extinguishing process was also described in detail. The author was apparently able to draw on personal experiences in the vivid description.

The use of ever more powerful lithium batteries in RC model making requires safe storage of the batteries and a suitable extinguishing agent for battery fires before an emergency occurs. We therefore recommend reading this very informative article. Exclusively we are offering a PDF version of it for download.

Click on the picture below for a download of the article (German):

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