Extover® supports Elefant Racing e.V. of the University of Bayreuth

Extover® supports Elefant Racing e.V. of the University of Bayreuth

Elefant Racing e.V. is the student racing team of the University of Bayreuth. A team of students from the Faculty of Engineering has been developing an electric racing car every year since 2004. In the internationally organized Formula Student it will then compete against more than 600 university teams worldwide to win one of the coveted trophies.

The Formula Student is an international design competition in which the participating teams compete in eight different disciplines. Each year in July and August they compete in various competitions in Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to the classic dynamic disciplines, such as acceleration, endurance and efficiency, the so-called static disciplines play a major role in the ranking in comparison with the other competitors. In addition to the preparation of a business plan and detailed cost reporting, these include above all the preparation of a meaningful design report. Ultimately, Formula Student helps to promote the development of electromobility in general.

This year’s racing car model, with which Elefant Racing e.V. is competing, was named FR 18 Siegfried with reference to the Wagner city Bayreuth. The team around 1. executive committee Vera Scheuer expects itself with the high performance electric car very good chances on one of the front places.

The futuristic racing cars are powered purely electrically. The lithium batteries, which serve as an energy source for the cars, are particularly powerful. In case of fire of the lithium batteries, e.g. due to damage or overcharging effects, a special extinguishing agent is required. This is why the team became aware of Extover® and we equipped it with our fire extinguishing granulate. Extover® is ideally suited as a fire-suppressing filling material for fireproof containers to safely charge and store lithium batteries.

Extover® is a special extinguishing agent for lithium battery and metal fires that are difficult to control. It is ideal in preventive fire protection as a filling material for the safe storage and transport of lithium batteries in hazardous goods containers. As a fire-suppressing material, Extover® contributes to the safe use of lithium batteries in test benches. Extover® meets the requirements of packing instruction P909 (ADR) for a non-combustible, non-conductive fire protection filling and may therefore be used in special containers as filling and cushioning material.

We keep our fingers crossed for the entire Elefant Racing e. V. racing team. We are proud to make a small contribution to the team success this year.

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