Suppressing the fire of Lithium batteries

Safe method of packaging for bulk transportation of Li-Batteries by air

The high energy density of lithium-ion cells comes at a price. Internal faults or external events like overloading can set the lithium-ion battery in fire. The fire of a high energy lithium battery cannot easily extinguished. Read more in our article from Dr. Thomas Forchert (Celono) at the Battery University and learn how to extinguish a lithium fire with expanded glass spheres.  The increasing demand for battery cells also results in higher fire protection requirements during production, transportation, storage and the disposal or recycling of lithium batteries.

The Author has developed and successfully tested materials and systems to suppress the fire of Lithium batteries. The risks can be controlled with a tree layer concept of safe containing, thermal absorption and pressure control. The robust and lightweight foam glass granulate Extover® plays an important role in the safety solution.

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